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Advisors and Committees

Fundraising Committee


Jane Scaletta

Jane Scaletta started her love for martial arts at boarding school in England in the late 70's where she trained in judo. When she moved to the United States , she attended her first Wado style karate class at the University of Florida in Gainvesville. Since then, she has always been drawn to karate and has attained her first degree vlack belt in Taekwondo, and second degree black belt in Wado in the Cayman Islands under the tutelage of Shihan Greg Reid.


Sarah Hydes

Starting her Karate-Do journey in 2015, Shodan Sarah Hydes, has immersed herself in the art. Not only focusing on her own path, but that of her Community and Country. 


Over the last four years, she has been assisting with her Karate-Do School Youth Program where we teach over 100 children on a weekly basis. She assists with class instruction as well operations (i.e. processing payments, paperwork, special events, etc.). Sarah has been a dedicated volunteer and has taken the initiative to help out with special school events and fundraisers.


In 2020 she volunteered to assist the Cayman Islands National Karate-Do Association Fundraising Committee. Working with Nidan Jane Scaletta, she generates ideas, plans and executes events to raise funds for the Association.  

Legal Advisor

Anthony Partridge.(1).jpg

Anthony Partridge,

Honorary Legal Advisor

Medical Advisor

Dr R. John Addleson M.B. Ch.B, Dip. Mid.

Dr. John Addleson,

Honorary Medical Advisor

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